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We are always receiving emails, emails and well, emails where readers seem to be asking the same questions. So we thought, might as well set up a Frequently Asked Questions page.
Please take time to read through these questions as they have been asked several times already - We cannot be replying to every single one of them.
If you do not find your answers here, then feel free to email us at
However, we will not reply to your emails if we continue receiving questions that have already been answered on this page.

Last Updated 08/6/09!

1. Do you have a (international) fan club that I can join?

No, we do not have a fan club or international fan club for readers of S.H.E Daybook. All you have to do is just continue visiting us and you will be one of the firsts to be updated with S.H.E news!

2. Do you have a forum or newsletter I can sign up for?

At the very moment, we don't. We have stopped sending out newsletters as time has forced us to. However, we MIGHT be aiming for a forum in the future. Just stay tuned.

3. I can't view the main site or I can only view the left hand navigation bar and not the actual posts! Why is that and how can I fix it?

We've been informed of this problem and we suggest the first step is that you try using Mozilla Firefox to view the page. Mozilla Firefox is another alternative to web. You can download it for free at: If this does not solve the problem, please drop us an email at to inform us and we will see what we can do.

4. Can I link you?

Yes! You can link us and share this very cool site to all S.H.E fans or people wanting to know more about S.H.E! Spread the word, spread the love! At the very moment, our logo is as follows. Link us up using that logo. Should we change our logo in the future, we will update on the blog.

5. Can we affiliate or advertise on your site?

As you can see, we currently have only two S.H.E-related forums affiliated with us. However, we are not opened to affiliation with any sites at the moment.

If you would like your URL onto our site aka 'advertise' anything else, please contact us at

Our range of readers vary and is spread across the globe so by advertising with us would be a great source of media as it would give you great coverage.

Please note that explicit or inappropriate material is not allowed.

6. Can you reply to my comments and questions on the blog or guestbook?

The answer is No. We don't read comments or questions that are posted on the webpage or guestbook. That is why the comments option for the blog posts on our site is unable. The guestbook is a place for fans to shoutout their love for S.H.E or to simply Thank us for this fantabulous site! :)

Remember, we're here to help S.H.E fans around the world to get to understand the trio better. So, if you have any questions, do not post them on the comments page or guestbook but do send us an email at
We get several emails so replying them may take some time but we try our best to answer all emails.

7. Do you have a myspace/facebook/friendster page?
We do not have a myspace or friendster page. Any page set up under S.H.E Daybook at such sites are fake. We do however, have a facebook page. Add us!

Information/Blog Posts
Last updated 22/11/08!

1. Where do you get your S.H.E messages and information from?

We get them directly from H.I.M website - Official staffs and S.H.E themselves.

2. Where can I read the Chinese messages?

Even when the links were posted on the main page of our site, people still email us asking this question. If you can see on the main page, click on the H.I.M logo under the links area. If not, we get most of the messages from Now, hopefully you'll all know.

3. Where can I post online messages for S.H.E to see? Will they read it? Will they reply?

You can post your online messages at the Official Forum at the H.I.M website. S.H.E tries their very best to read all the messages that fans post however, they can only reply to a small portion of fans. They reply randomly so YOU might be the next one to receive a reply. All replies will be posted up on S.H.E Daybook via the Official Forum. Therefore, other than the messages posted on H.I.M website and S.H.E Daybook, elsewhere are fake. Do not be tricked by netizens claiming they are S.H.E. The only way to find out if they have replied you is to keep checking back on your post on the Official forum. Otherwise, you can always come back to S.H.E Daybook to see if they have replied.

Topic names on our site would be categorized as Selina Replies, Hebe Replies or Ella Replies to indicate who have replied and to what topic name and topic user.

4. Step by step Registration at HIM in order to post messages?

So you want the register hey? Listen up.

1. Go to
2. Click on the button that says 加入会员
3. This is the usual terms of service stuff. Click on the button that says 我接受 to accept

4. The registration form appears. This is what the following characters mean:

會員資料 (*必填) Member Details (Those with * must be filled in)

* *帳 號: Username (This is what you use to sign in)
* *暱 稱: Nickname
* *密 碼: 請至您的信箱索取,謝謝 (A password will be sent to your inbox. Please retrieve this password from your email!)
* *姓 名: Name
* *性 別: Sex (男: Male 女: Female)
* *生 日: Birthday (YYYY/MM/DD)
* *連絡信箱: Email Address

個人資料 (*必填) Personal Details (Those with * must be filled in)

* *學 歷: School Record (国小: Primary School 国中: Middle School 高中: Secondary School 大学: University 碩士:Post Graduate 博士: PhD)
* 公司 / 學校名稱: Name of School/Company
* *居住地區: Residential Region
* *通訊地址: Address
* *通訊電話:Contact Number
* 行動電話: Mobile Number
* *最喜歡的藝人: Most Favourite Artiste (State who is your most favourite artiste)
* 是否訂閱電子報: Do you want newsletters to be sent to your email? (是: Yes 否: No)
* 請輸入驗證碼: Input the code you see in the Grey box
* Then click on the button that says 确认送出 to confirm details or 重填 to delete information and re-do everything.

As for Name of School/Company, Address, Contact Number and Mobile Phone, you can enter any information or just simply a dash sign -

Once you have successfully retrieved your password from you email, you will only be able to post on the Official Forum 24hrs later upon registration.

Please keep trying if everything fails, email us at clearly stating what the problem is for us to help you.

5. Step by step Posting Messages at HIM Official Forum?
  • Posting a New Topic
1. Once you've registered, login to your account.
2. Click on the following button
3. Enter your Topic and Message then click on the Confirm button and Ok.

  • Replying a Topic
Say you want to add a reply to your own topic, other fans' topic or any of S.H.E's topics. Here's what you do: (Example: You want to reply to the following message by Ella)

1. Click on the following button to Reply

2. Type your message in the box and click Confirm, Ok to send or Reset to erase your message and retype.Please remember that the only way to find out if S.H.E has replied to your message is to keep on checking back on the topic you've created. Otherwise, coming back to check S.H.E Daybook would be an easier option.

Happy Posting!

6. So I get it when they reply messages but how do I know which one of them posted a blog entry?

We have small emoticons representations
    Selina stands for Selina
    Hebe stands for Hebe
    Ella stands for Ella
    任爸 ocac stands for Father Ren, Selina's father.
    That's right, we aren't kidding. Occasionally, Selina's father would come on and post a few messages as well! (Mostly thank you and showing his appreciation posts)

S.H.E Details

1. Can you tell me S.H.E's schedule and if they are coming to my country? When and where is their concerts and autograph sessions?

This is one really had us going. S.H.E's overseas schedules will always be posted on our site. This includes whatever events they will be having in a particular country. If you do not see any news, it either means that we cannot disclose the information just yet or we are awaiting for specific confirmation.

On the side note, television ads and radio stations would also announce any S.H.E events so keep an eye on those.

2. Does S.H.E have MSN? Can I have S.H.E's MSN and email address?

Yes, S.H.E does have MSN. However, fans should understand and respect that they too, need their own privacies.

3. Does S.H.E have any official fanclub or email address I can contact?

No matter how much a fan club claims they are "official", the truth is that S.H.E does not have an official fan club or official email address.

However, if you wish to send a letter, card or some sort, you can do so to this address:

104 台北市建國北路二段 135 號 15 樓

Remember not to send in gifts though. S.H.E would rather fans use their creativity handmade stuffs and to donate money to charities!


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